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About Me

My first horse was my beloved pony mare Viona. I was 13 years old and had already been looking after her for two years when her owner suddenly decided to sell her. I worked and saved money until I was finally able to buy her back. My mother didn’t know about that, and I’m still very grateful to her that she allowed me to keep the pony when she found out about it.

Ten years ago I still used to only trail ride. I was inspired to move from cross country riding to riding as an art when I met the instructor Bent Branderup in 1996. I had always been interested in art but he made me understand for the first time how riding and art can merge in harmony and how the art of a historical epoch is still being taught and practiced today.

I immediately became Bent’s student and later his co-trainer. We worked together for four years at Hof Hellerholz where I used to be responsible for training and education. I worked with all kinds of horse breeds, including Holsteins and Friesians as well as Icelandic and other ponies. Especially the Knabstrup stallion Hugin used to be a particular delight, since I had never ridden a blind horse before and was able to gain a lot of experience and joy from this gentleman.

Since 2004 I work as an instructor for riders and horses in Tangstedt in the north of Hamburg. This is also where I live with my family.


My daughter and me

Elegido Levade