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I will also dedicate myself to theoretical and practical questions pertaining to the Renaissance of the Art of Riding on my weekend clinics in and outside Germany. These two day courses consist of both lectures on theory and practical lessons. The theoretical part describes the different stages of our training from the first basic steps to the higher levels of education with references to the several masters and their individual areas of study. Of course I will adjust my lessons to the participants’ individual training level. In the practical part horses and riders will be guided towards their individual educational goals, always taking personal skills and restrictions into account. Lessons can deal with horses that haven’t been trained yet and are about to learn the first steps of ground and longe work, horses that are supposed to reach a new training level or horses with handicaps that cannot be solved without external help. All riders are able to work on personal skills that they have already acquired as well as on mistakes they haven’t properly solved yet.
All of my clinics are geared to your individual aims and aspirations; I will always cater to your personal expectations. I offer weekend clinics in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Austria. If you would like to participate, please contact my arrangers for application details and further information.

Arrangers for weekend clinics

Germany (West)

Elisabeth Siemer
Hoppenkamp 5

Tel.: 0049 4791-959415
Germany (East)
Familie Maissel
Johanna und Katarina
09306 Seelitz Kursort
Mobil Johanna: 0171-6116269
Mobil Katarina: 0160-7726281
E-Mail: Johanna.Maisel@gmx.de
Lysann Hilpert
Am Schloß 4
01328 Dresden
Mobil: 0176-64065877
E-Mail: lysann.hilpert@gmx.de
Sabine Artlieb
Karl Vogl Str.10/1
3464 Hausleiten
phone: 0043 664 3131562
e-mail: s.artlieb@nextra.at
Monika Sandberger
A-4020 Linz
phone: 0043 6609180900
e-mail: sandberger.m@akooe.at
Stephanie Roth phone: 0041 796490665
e-mail: stephi.roth@bluewin.ch
Reto Hegetschweiler
Pensionsstall Oberneuhaus
Trasadingerstr. 1
8223 Guntmadingen
Mobil: 0041 79-4037127
E-Mail: reto.hegetschweiler@bluewin.ch
Tanja Sau
Frankrigsgade 2, 4.tv
2300 Copenhagen S
phone: 0045-30283894
e-mail: tatjana@c.dk

Weekend clinic – course program
(8 participants allowed for the practical part / no limits for theory program)

9 am to 10 am - general introduction and theory
10 am to 2 pm - single lessons, 30 minutes per rider
2 pm to 3 pm - lunch break
3 pm to 3.30 pm - individual questions
3.30 pm to 7.30 pm - single lessons

9 am to 10 am - theoretical lessons
10 am to 2 pm - single lessons, 30 minutes per rider
2 pm - lunch break and general conclusion



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